• Focaccia 3.00€

  • Ravioli 16.50€

    Mushrooms, tartuffati cream, mushrooms ragout, shimeji mushrooms confit, truffle oil and fresh black truffle

  • Carpaccio 21.00€

    Beef fillet flavored with a mix of peppers, stracchino cheese cream, Mani organic olive oil and handmade pickles

  • Bruschetta 12.00€

    Sourdough bread flavored with garlic butter, Stracciatella cheese, Prosciutto Parma, Lime zest and chives

  • Ceviche Di Spingola 16.00€

    Sea bass in citrus marinade, cucumber, corn, onion, chilli, coriander and sweet potato

  • Tartar 18.00€

    Beef fillet tartare, shallots, sea salt blossom in a spicy lemon marinade and young sunflower sprouts

  • Calamari 17.00€

    Sauteed calamari, choritho, avocado cream, salsa rossa and crispy pitas

  • Crocchetta di patati 13.00€

    Chicken with sweet and sour soy sauce, coriander, spicy mayonnaise and salsa rossa made from organic Cretan tomatoes

  • Verde 13.00€

    Organic mixed leaves, pomegranate, cherry tomatoes, carrot, cucumber, parmesan vinaigrette and parmesan flakes

  • Polo 16.00€

    Chicken fillet, iceberg, corn, smoked pancetta, parmesan flakes, Caesars dressing and sourdough bread croutons

  • Burrata 15.50€

    Variety of cherry tomatoes, caper leaves, basil oil, balsamic vinaigrette and barley bun crumbs

  • Fico di Rocula 14.00€

    Organic wild arugula, figs, roasted peach vinaigrette, pine nuts and gorgonzola cheese

  • Pomodoro 14.00€

    Spaghetti chittara, sauce made from fresh cherry tomatoes and organic Cretan tomatoes

  • Carbonara 15.50€

    Spagetonne , Guantialle and Pecorino Romano

  • Fungi 16.50€

    Tagliatelle, variety of wild mushrooms, pepperoncino, parmesan cream and fresh black truffle

  • Gambero 18.50€

    Tagliolini nero, shrimps, cherry tomatoes, basil and peperoncino

  • Caccio e Peppe Di Gambero 17.00€

    Spaghetti Chittara, black pepper, Pecorino cream and shrimp tartar

  • Bolognese 16.00€

    Paccheri, beef ragout, fresh tomato and parmesan foam

  • Risotto polo e Fungi 16.00€

    Risotto with chicken fillet, mushroom broth, zucchini and lemon

  • Margarita 12.50€

    Sauce from fresh Cretan tomatoes, mozzarella Bufala, basil and olive oil

  • Prosciutto 16.50€

    Organic wild arugula, grana padano, prosciutto crudo and truffle olive oil

  • Pepperοni 14.00€

    Tomato sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni

  • Fungi 16.00€

    Tartufatti cream, mozzarella, mushrooms, fresh black truffle and truffle oil

  • Cotto e Pistacchi 15.00€

    Tartuffati cream, mozzarella, prosciutto cotto, pistachios and pink pepper

  • Zucchini 16.50€

    Goat cheese, white zucchini and fresh black truffle

Carne / Pesce
  • Burger 18.00€

    Black Angus ground beef, smoked mozzarella, caramelized onions and truffle mayonnaise

  • Rib Eye 34.00€

    Rib Eye Angus 250g, triple cooked potatoes and béarnaise sauce

  • Polo 16.50€

    Organic chicken thigh fillet, Naxos mashed potatoes, citrus, chives and salsa rossa

  • Sea Bass 22.00€

    Pureed broccoli, kale, ginger and crawfish bisque

  • Tiramisu 10.00€

    Biscuits in espresso syrup, sampagion Mascarpone, chocolate fegientin bites

  • Crema di Fragole 10.00€

    Fluffy cream, fresh strawberries, crispy rice base and strawberry sorbet

  • Tart au Chocolat 10.00€

    Deconstructed tart with chocolate praline, milk chocolate ganache, chocolate mousse and caramelized hazelnuts

  • Calzone 16.50€

    Praline, pastry cream, berries and strawberry coulis



Dimitris Hatzidimitriou is one of the most accomplished executive chefs in the catering industry, who emphasizes the details of each dish and its raw materials, making sure that each dish at Bella Vespa is a special culinary experience.

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